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Friday, June 26, 2020

16+ High Paying Jobs without a Degree or Experience in 2020

Hello, Friends today, we’ll be talking about something that many of you must be curious about, and if not it might tickle your interest“Can I really get a high paying job without a college degree?” In easy words, I must say yes, but it’s still highly advised that one should get a college degree, especially if you are interested in working in a highly specialized category job such as Engineering, Medicine, Finance, and so on. 

In the world and the global economy we live in today, gone are the days, where a person had to spend four years or more in college in order to get a good job. In today's world, unlike in the past, there is no guarantee that you’ll get a high paying job if you have a college degree now. In today’s situation where technology is breaking economic, social, and mental barriers, the old story of requiring a person to have a university degree to get a high paying job is a misconception today. 

16 High Paying Jobs without a Degree or Experience in 2020
16 High Paying Jobs without a Degree or Experience in 2020

Although most jobs still require a person to have a degree or some level of tertiary education. You see, although degrees were a prerequisite, our current world is shifting focus, from degrees and certificates oriented qualifications to skills and experience-based model. If you have the skills that an employer requires, they would be willing to pay you huge sums for your skill. And you do not require any college degree to get the job.

Although you might need some experience, ora track-record. So today, I have compiled a list of some of the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a university degree. Some of these jobs require physical skills and other soft skills, some of them requires experience and others not so much.

These jobs have also been recognized by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics as some of the highest-paying jobs (which pay five figures or more annually) that don’t require a full university degree.  Now let’s begin. 

Computer programming with the advancement of technology

The need for professionals who can manipulate computers and related technologies is ever-growing. We are in the age of self-driving cars, voice-activated assistants, internet of things, and so many other technological inventions that would have looked like magic a century ago. 

All these are hinged on the ability to interact with computers. Guess what? You don’t need a college degree to learn how to program computers. And No, I am not saying it is easier to learn without a formal degree, but it’s very possible. In fact, website made a list of 15 top global companies that have scrapped the requirement for a degree for some of their top positions. Google, Apple, IBM, and Earnest & Young are among the many. 

Now, I am not saying you would definitely land a job with these guys as a programmer, but this gives an idea of how large the opportunities are. Annual salaries of programmers begin from about $84,000, and when allowances and incentives are added, you know for sure they earn good money. 

First-line supervisors of installers and other related jobs

To directly supervise mechanics, installers, repairers, plumbers, electricians, and other related workers in a company isn’t a job that requires a university degree. The job is focused on making sure that the workers you are supervising are going by the rules, and doing a standard job. 

The only thing that is required is the ability to understand work processes, and also human relationship skills. Annual salaries of supervisors begin from about $60,000 and sometimes run-up to a 100 grand. 

Funeral Service Director

Okay, this had to feature because it is actually a high-paying job considering that you don’t need a degree to be one. You simply need to beat your fear and hesitance for being around death and also have a good eye for planning funerals. 

The truth is that you may not have to be around coffins all the time, but you would be required to plan and direct the ceremonies. This job has an annual salary of about $57,000. You might need to have a diploma or take some certificate courses in order to obtain some official status. 

Voiceover Artist

With many business brands rising up and targeting a global market, even those from non-English speaking countries, there has never been a better need for voiceover artists. Do you need to require a degree to speak English fluently with the right accent? I don't think so! 

The past five years have seen the rise of voice over companies, and many individuals sell their voiceover gigs on various freelancing platforms. From personal encounters and surveys on different freelancing platforms, voiceover professionals earn about $45,000 annually and can be more for anyone with an established track record. Also, people pay per hour to voiceover professionals.

Flight Attendant

The job of a flight attendant is exciting and rewarding in itself. Asides the traveling experience and the chance to explore new countries, flight attendants, are well paid with annual salaries running into $56,000 or more. An associate degree or a certificate in relevant areas is enough to get you a job as a flight attendant. 

Business and Copywriter

Some of the jobs that the internet and modern business strategies are creating are business and copywriting positions. As more organizations are set up, the competition has and will naturally keep increasing, and it is presently important for organizations to exceed their opposition to remaining in profit. 

Copywriting is a skill that a lot of freelancers and regular employees of companies are earning a huge income from. You actually don’t need a degree to learn these skills as there are numerous online platforms that offer courses you can take free or for a little fee. Annual salaries are in the five-figure range and only varies according to the company, business, or organization. 

Security and Protocol

This industry are often undervalued until we see how important it can be during an emergency or crisis. Well, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics report it is well worth it! You don’t even need a university or college degree to become a security or protocol detail or official. 

Although it can be a risky job, the pay is good and service hours are somewhat flexible, given that you’ll most probably run shifts. It depends on the company you work with, you must require some special courses to keep your skills sharp though. Salaries are also in the five-figure range. 


Postmasters are responsible for guaranteeing your mailman makes it to your door each and every day with your mail in hand. They are employed by the government to plan and direct the daily services of the United States Postal Service while assigning day-to-day work to employees. 

Postmasters earned an average annual wage of $77,000 as of 2018. If this is a career you are hoping to peruse, you’ll need a high school degree or its equivalent and relevant experience. 

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist works to complement a dental doctor by cleaning and examining the patient's teeth and giving them the required oral care. Dental hygienists earn around $60,000 yearly and are not required to take a college degree but only a two-year associate degree. 

As a dental hygienist, you can find employment in clinics or hospitals, or you could even work in the private sector and partner with other healthcare providers. 

Farm or factory manage

Farm or factory manage these positions are open to just about anyone with the necessary skill and knowledge to run the affairs of a farm or factory and ensure their success. 

This job is to plan and direct the management of factory structures or firms and establishments. The mean annual pay is almost $70,000. The usual requirement is a diploma or an associate degree, to begin with. 

Supply chain and logistics manager

These guys get paid over $100,000 yearly and for a good reason too. Whenever you get to know the amount of money that these companies spend yearly to train their staff on supply chain and logistics management, you’ll have an idea of just how important they are to a business. 

It does not require a degree to become a logistics or supply chain, expert. Sure, you might need some professional certification, but most companies would rather hire you based on your ability and skill in managing that area, and if you have those checked, you would most probably be hired. 

Postal Service Worker

If you’re interested in getting into the postal mailing industry, here’s an opportunity for you. Postal service workers collect, sort and deliver the mail. Postal service clerks work in the post office, while mail carriers are the friendly faces we see at our doorsteps, rain or shine. 

A high school diploma or equivalent and a written exam are the only requirements for this role. Postal service workers earned about $59,000 annually. 

Police Officer

We all want to live in a safe society and police officers play a major role in securing our homes, town, and cities. Their job description is simple but important that is to protect and to serve. 

If this is something that you might be interesting, in order to become a police officer must have a high school degree, undergo rigorous physical training, graduate from a training academy, and receive on-the-job training. The median pay for cops in the United States is around $63,000 annually. 

Real Estate Agent

In a 2018 report, it stated that the median annual wage for a real estate agent in the U.S. was $50,300. If you like looking at property in your local area and have some people and negotiation skills, and have some knowledge of buying, selling, rentals, and loan arrangements then this could be for you. 

Real estate agents work with clients to find properties to rent, sell, or own. It is not required to have a college degree to become Real estate agents but you must complete a select number of hours in a real estate class and pass a licensing exam. 

Construction Equipment Operator

Construction equipment operators control the heavy machinery used in building roads and other structures. The average wage is about $47,000 a year, and all that’s needed to qualify is a high school diploma or equivalent, or an apprenticeship. 


Plumbers are skilled workers with specialized knowledge of household piping and equipment. They install and repair pipes carrying liquids and gases that might cause permanent damage to homes. On average, plumbers earn an annual salary of about $54,000. 

If this is something you are interested in you will need an apprenticeship or a certificate from a technical school to qualify for this role.  It is also required for plumbers to be licensed in some states of America. 

These are a list of few jobs that do not require any four-year university degree, and there are many more out there. I highly encourage you to do more research on some of the jobs that I have listed. You can also search online for other jobs that don’t require a college degree. 

For example, you can become an entrepreneur, an actor,  a musician, an artist, and many more. I hope you guys have enjoyed this article. Share this article on social media. Thanks and I will see you in the next one. 

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