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Friday, May 8, 2020

Migrant Worker Registration Full Details and State Wise Links

Migrant labor registration

After a month of lockdown, the government has given a big lockdown waiver to stranded migrants in various other states across the country. And for this, each state government launches a portal so that their people can do the same registration and they get their house safely back.) The central government has issued some guidelines in their notice to the stranded people and the state government. Read this article below to know more about the migrant labor registration and portal number of your states.

Update: Some states have just launched a portal for their migrant worker, whose direct link is given below, we will update their link here once the rest of the state has launched the portal.

Overseas Worker Registration COVID-19 Support

A few days to go when the lockdown is going to end and before that, the central government has allowed the state government to take out its people trapped in various states, Since the lockdown was implemented in the nation. The state government have launched their portals that collect data from people so that they can be easily transferred.

All migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students, and others are required to install the Arogya Setu App on their mobile as some state governments will ask you to enter the status in the application form.

Interstate travel migrant workers registration

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a notice on Wednesday and directed the concerned state, whose migrant employees are stranded to facilitate the movement of people. And every state government is in touch with high officials of other states to do this task without creating any chaos, and some states have already launched portals for their citizens so that they can register through it.

Migrant Worker Registration Full Details

Migration Worker Portal State Wise Links

So far only a few states have launched their own portal for their citizens, the link of which we have given below, while the rest of the states are in the queue to launch their portal soon so that they can bring their original citizens back to their states. Once the remaining link is available, we will update it here:

Name of the state
Online portal link
Available soon
Uttar Pradesh
Available soon
Available soon
West Bengal
Available soon
Andhra Pradesh
Available soon
Arunachal Pradesh
Available soon
Available soon
Available soon
Available soon
Available soon
Himachal Pradesh
Available soon
Available soon
Madhya Pradesh
Available soon
Available soon
Available soon
Available soon
Available soon
Tamil Nadu

Details required to be submitted in the portal

The registration form requires people to submit their details to help the government obtain it.

Portal will require these details from you

  1. Applicants name
  2. mobile number
  3. Aadhaar Number
  4. State you are stuck
  5. Arogya Setu App Status
  6. Gender
  7. Applicant grade
  8. Age
  9. Number of family members

Overseas Workers Registration Portal Online

Overseas workers can apply online or contact Indian Embassy in their country for more details.

Indian Workers Registration Portal

After various states urged the central government to allow them so that they can evacuate their trapped citizens, who are facing many issues during this period of the epidemic and now have a long conference with the Chief Minister of the state After this, the Central Government issued advisory and the machinery of the state government starts its preparation so that they can bring their people to their homes.

Steps should be taken by the states

In the advisory, the MHA has said that all states and union territories (UT's) should nominate their nodal officers to send and receive stranded people.

And if a group of people are moving from one place to another, in condition, the state government should mutually agree and provide transportation facilities for them to maintain social distance.
The buses organized for this function should be cleaned properly and follow the social distance norms while seated.

States that come under the transit route will permit them to go to their homes safely.
When people reach their destination safely, local health authorities should keep these people at home in quarantine or in their institutions.

All India Migrant Helpline Number

Now after this, your first question will be that we are residents of different states and are stuck in other states. If there is a Helpline Number for this, give it. Yes, We are going to give you the number of nodal officers who brought back the migrant people made by the Ministery of Home affairs. You can get help by talking directly to them. If their is any update, then we will update it on this page too.

All India Migrant Helpline Number
StateNodel OfficerMobile Number
Jammu Kashmir/LadakhSailendra Kumar, BAS9717691086
PunjabManjeet Singh Dhillon, IPS9473191753
Delhi/HimachalPalka Sahani, IAS9599823200

Sailendra Kumar, BAS9717691086
HariyanaDivesh Sehra, IAS8544404189
RajsthanPrem Singh Meena, IAS9473191456
GujratB. Kartikey, IAS9810922727
UttrakhandVinod Singh Gunjiyal, IAS9473191491
Uttar PardeshVinod Singh Gunjiyal, IAS9473191491

Animesh Paraskar, IAS 62031493196203149319
Madhya Pardesh/ChatishgardhMayank Badbade, IAS9473191429
OrishaAnirudh Kumar9473197815
JharkhandChandrashekhar, IAS9661472483
West BengalKim, IPS7739811111
Asam, Meghlay, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunachal Pardesh and SikkamAnand Sharma, IAS8135900400
Andhra Pardesh, TelanganaM. Ramhandrudu, IAS7250687373
Tamilnadu, PudducherySenthil Kumar, IAS9431232001
KarnatakaPartima S, IAS9473191380
Maharashtra, GoaAdesh T, IAS9431818704
KerlaSafeena N, IAS8547883439

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the state government issue orders for the movement of stranded migrant laborers?
A. The government has today issued an order for the movement of migrant workers.

Q. I am migrant labor trapped in Delhi, how can I go to my home Uttar Pradesh?
A. It's mandatory to fill the registration form which will be launched by the state government to go home.

Q. Where can I find the link for the registration form?
A. The link is available in this article.

Q. What documents do I have to submit in the registration form?
A. You need to submit your Aadhaar card and other documents as described above.

Q. Is it true that I have to submit my status in the Arogya Setu app?
A. Yes, some governments ask for the submission of status in the portal.

Q. Will the government provide us transport service or do we need to arrange it?
A. If you have your vehicle, then you have to submit the details of it in the form of registration, if not, the government will provide a transport service to you.

Q. Will the government send us to our house immediately or will they keep us in quarantine?
A. According to the advisor, you will be sent to your home after the checkup and you will need to be quarantined at home but in some cases, the government will keep you in quarantine at their location

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