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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What is Ram Navami - Story of Lord Ram

 Why do we celebrate Ram Navami- history of Ram Navami?

 Hello friends ram Navami se Hindu festival and it is celebrated all over the world with full joy and enthusiasm.  If you people don't know what is Ram Navami and why it celebrated then you is are at a right place in this article I am going to tell you about ram Navami in detail.  There are many festivals celebrated in India Ram Navami has its special place Hindi thought of Indian Hindu people. It comes once in every year.

 Mostly 9th day of Navarra is called Ram Navami but maybe most of you don't know that Lord Ram’s birthday is called Ram Navami.  Celebrate Ram Navami as Lord Ram's birthday. Lord Sheri Rama is also called Maryada Purushottam and he has followed Maryada to his full extent.

 After reading about Lord Ram every parent wants that is child should be like him.  The ethics which he followed in his life kids any person the right human being.  But today's day to day life restaurant impossible yeah but we can try following this.   Now I will tell you about ram Navami in full detail.

What is Ram Navami

 What is Ram Navami?

 Ram Navami is Hindu festival which is celebrated because on this day Lord Ram has taken birth on earth.  This festival is celebrated not even in India but all over the world Hindu religion people reside. It is one of the major festivals of India.  On this day people do fasting, worship Lord Ram, and do Yagya and havens.  All the temples on this day are full because everyone wants to worship Lord Ram on this day.  If you want to do some new work or   want to purchase a new thing like car, house, plot or anything this day is considered as a best day for that.

How do we celebrate Ram Navami in India?

 Chaitra month Navarra’s 9th day is celebrated as a Ram Navami.  On this day having Holy bath in Ayodhya Sarayu River at Ayodhya has very importance in Hindu religion.  This location comes once in every year.  People do fast on this day and to haven on this day.  People say that by doing this all our wishes comes true that's why everyone does this with full sincerity. You must visit Ayodhya once in your life and see in real what actually happens there.  All the sins are washed away when you take bath in Sarayu River at Ayodhya

When was Lord Ram Born?

Lord Rama was born in Treta Yuga, this period is of four yugas, the first Satyuga, the second Tretayug, the third Dwapar Yuga and the fourth Kali Yuga which is going on now is the Kaliyuga where sin is at its peak.

What is the history of Ram Navami?

The story begins from Ayodhya where King Dasharatha and his three queens but none of them had a son, King Dasaratha was very unhappy that he went to his mentor Maharishi Vashistha for his guidance who offered him a yagya. He advised to do this and he also accepted his advice. King Dasaratha obeyed Maharishi Vasistha and performed a very big yagya after which in the form of Prasad He got the Kheer which the Maharishi asked him to give to his wives, just 9 months after eating the Kheer, he received four sons, the elder Ram who gave birth from the womb of Koushlya, the younger Bharat gave birth to the mother and two to Sumitra. Gave birth to sons whose name was Laxman and shatrugan

The day on which all these things were born is celebrated as Ram Navami, they were all born to kill the wicked and follow the religion, in the same way, and Ram Navami is also celebrated as Durga Puja. Where is it that Lord Sri Ram worshiped Durga Mata before climbing Lanka, that day was the day of Ram Navami, hence worshiping Goddess Durga on Rama Navami is of different importance?

Why do we celebrate Ram Navami?

Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth celebration of Lord Sri Rama. Ram Navami is also celebrated as the worship day of Mother Durga. The mind gets the desired desire, so Ram Navami has a different importance in Hinduism and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India.

How do we celebrate Ram Navami?

Going to Ayodhya on the day of Ram Navami and bathing in the Saryu River in the morning means a different thing, after that, after performing the Yagya Havan, seeing Lord Sheri Rama, you have to wish for the desired fruit and keep fast for the whole day. Sins are destroyed and Ramcharitmanas are also recited on this day.

When is Ram Navami in 2020 this year?

Ram Navami is on 2 April Thursday in 2020.

Story of Ram Navami

Lord Sheri Ram was born to establish religion in this country and religion can be established only when there is destruction of unrighteousness, then you can also say that Lord Shri Ram was born to destroy iniquity. If there was a very knowledgeable practice, God was troubled by his tyranny, the god demon everyone was said that he had the gift of immortality, so all the gods together went to Lord Vishnu and He asked for help and Lord Vishnu also agreed to help him and he took a vow to incarnate on earth, Lord Vishnu took birth from the womb of Mata Kaushalya and Avatar Lord Vishnu became the eldest son of King Dasharatha  on Navami Tithi, that's why Navami Tithi of Chitra month is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Shri Ram.

Importance of Ram Navami

For those who believe in Hinduism, they give a lot of opinion of Ram Navami, which is associated with faith, and where faith is there, faith comes automatically, so people believe that by observing fast on this day, worshiping people The wishes are fulfilled, that is why everyone fasts on this day and worships Lord Rama with a sincere heart.

What is done on Ram Navami?

What is the main thing to do on the day of Ram Navami? First of all, wake up early in the morning and take a bath like you mean to take a bath in the Viva River but wherever you live, you should wake up in the morning and worship Lord Rama and then recite Ramcharitmanas. By doing this you will get freedom from sins. On this day, you have to keep fast for the whole day. You have to break the fast the next day. If you do it sincerely and with full devotion you will get the desired fruit.

How long is Ram Navami?

By the way, Ram Navami is on the same day, on the Navami date of Chitra month, but Navarra lasts for 9 days. These nine days people worship mata durga and do fast for nine days you don’t have to eat food these days.

How do we celebrate ram Navami?

Hope after reading this article you will not ask anyone this question because I have given you whole information in this article. You don’t have to search here and there on net for ram Navami. if you like this article do share it with family and friends through face book, whatsapp and other social media and subscribe our website for latest job updates.

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